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The Man Called X, Vol. 1

The Man Called X, Vol. 1

2.0 1 5 Forfatter: Hollywood 360 Oplæser: A Full Cast, Herbert Marshall, Leon Belasco
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Here are twelve exciting episodes of international intrigue from the golden age of radio."Wherever there is mystery, adventure, intrigue, in all the strange and dangerous places in the world, there you will find the man called X!" Debonair British actor Herbert Marshall stars as FBI secret agent Ken Thurston, "the man who crosses the ocean as readily as you and I cross town; he is the man who fights today's war in his unique fashion, so that tomorrow's peace will make the world a neighborhood for all of us." Leon Belasco plays Mr. X's comedic sidekick, Pagan Zeldchmidt, who always turns up in remote parts of the world to assist Thurston.The Man Called X debuted over CBS radio on July 10, 1944, moved to NBC in 1950, and continued through May 20, 1952. In 1956 Ziv Television adapted The Man Called X as a thirty-nine-episode syndicated series starring Barry Sullivan as Ken Thurston.This collection contains the following episodes and the dates they aired on radio:Antarctic Expedition (3 Apr 47)Mr. Messler and the Insurance (17 Apr 47)Acme Oil Refinery (24 Apr 47)Stamp Story (15 May 47)A Journey to Xenophon (27 Oct 50)Professor Czorny Disappears behind the Iron Curtain (3 Nov 50)Race against Death (21 Apr 51)Knocked off His Feet (11 May 51)Enough Intrigue to Fill a Book (18 May 51)Amazon River (15 Jun 51)Petroleum Sabotage in Lima (1 Jan 52)A Flying Trip to Nowhere (8 Jan 52)
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Forlag: Black Eye Entertainment
Udgivet: 2016-11-01
Længde: 5T 21M
ISBN: 9781504707732

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