Classic Radio Spotlights: Jack Webb - Hollywood 360, CBS Radio

Classic Radio Spotlights: Jack Webb

Classic Radio Spotlights: Jack Webb

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Jack Webb (1920–1982) was a popular American actor, television producer, director, and screenwriter. He started out in the entertainment industry in comedy but achieved his first success playing the title character in the radio show Pat Novak, for Hire. His greater success came from his role as Los Angeles Police Department sergeant Joe Friday in the show Dragnet, which he created based on actual LAPD criminal case files and which ran for many years on both radio and television.

This classic radio collection spotlights Jack Webb in episodes from a variety of series from the golden age of radio.

The Jack Webb Show: “Slim Slade, Western Bandleader” (17 Apr 46)

Suspense: “Murder by an Expert” (24 Jul 47)

Escape: “Ring of Thoth” (11 Aug 47)

The Whistler: “Meeting on Tenth Street” ( 25 Feb 48)

Jeff Regan, Investigator: “The Guy from Gower Gulch” (13 Nov 48)

Pat Novak, for Hire: “Watch Wendy Morris” (8 May 49)

The Whistler: “The Eager Pigeon” (28 Aug 49)

Escape: “Border Town” (13 Dec 49)

Escape: “Poison” (28 Jul 50)

Pete Kelly’s Blues: “Shy Woman” (29 Aug 51)

Dragnet: “Big Jolt” (5 Oct 52)

Dragnet: “Big Pill” (19 Oct 52)
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Udgivet: 2016-11-01
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ISBN: 9781504707572

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