Hiit: Burn Fat Faster with HIIT Workouts - Mark J. Barret

Hiit: Burn Fat Faster with HIIT Workouts

Hiit: Burn Fat Faster with HIIT Workouts

3,75 24 5 Forfatter: Mark J. Barret Oplæser: Jesse Gross
Do you need to get fit fast?
Do you want to burn fat, get leaner and be healthier?
These workouts will pave the way!

If you are someone who wants or needs to get fit and do it quickly, then High Intensity Interval Training is probably the right thing for you to do. This amazing workout helps burn body fat at an incredible rate, keeping you lean and trim and improving your cardiovascular fitness at the same time.

In this book, Hiit: Burn Fat Faster with HIIT Workouts, you can learn the science of Hiit and prepare a program for yourself which will help you lose the extra weight and build muscle with chapters on:
- What is HIIT?
- The Science Behind HIIT
- The EPOC Effect
- Is HIIT Right For You?
- Benefits of HIIT
- The Essentials of HIIT
- HIIT for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Once you start on a Hiit program you will quickly see a difference in your fitness levels and body shape, giving you additional confidence into the bargain.

If you don’t believe it, get a copy of this book and give it a try. You’ll be amazed at the results.
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Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2019-01-22
Længde: 25M
ISBN: 9781982738716

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