Confidence - Believe in yourself - Lynda Hudson

Confidence - Believe in yourself

Confidence - Believe in yourself

3.5 2 5 Forfatter: Lynda Hudson Oplæser: Lynda Hudson
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This is a self-help hypnotherapy recording for children aged from around ten to fifteen years old who need to build confidence and self-esteem. It aims to help them: - Relax and breathe away anxiety - Use the idea of mind as mental computer - Delete negative self-doubting beliefs - Receive powerful suggestions for confidence - Create new program of positive confident beliefs to raise self-esteem - Type in new messages for positive 'can do' beliefs - Visualize being happy, confident and at ease in everyday situations Gentle and relaxing, this audiobook helps your child feel happier and more confident about themselves. For maximum benefit, encourage them to listen to the recording, preferably daily until they notice the changes. Then, listen from time to time to maintain those changes. Research shows that when a person first acts out each positive step in their imagination, it dramatically increases the likelihood of their success in the real world. This recording contains powerful suggestions for boosting confidence and self-esteem. The language and topics used are carefully crafted to appeal to listeners of all suitable ages. Lynda Hudson's gentle, well-modulated, English voice calms, re-assures and encourages. A clinical hypnotherapist and former teacher, Lynda has worked with many children and has helped them overcome numerous problems. Her work has been widely featured in the press and she has appeared on both TV and radio.
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Forlag: Andrews UK
Udgivet: 2014-03-25
Længde: 20M
ISBN: 9781908740328

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