The Little Foxes - Lillian Hellman

The Little Foxes

The Little Foxes

3.0 2 5 Forfatter: Lillian Hellman Oplæser: Jared Harris, Larry Powell, Molly C. Quinn, Tim DeKay, Heidi Dippold, Joanne Whalley, Karen Malina White, Will Brittain, Jamie Harris, Albie Selznick
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Lillian Hellman examines a wealthy southern family and the greed that tears them apart. Regina’s brothers have inherited their father’s wealth, while after years of neglect, her dying husband is determined to see she gets nothing. It will take every ounce of her ruthless guile to outwit her relations and assure herself a gilded future. Directed by Rosalind Ayres. Starring, in alphabetical order: Will Brittain as Leo Hubbard Tim DeKay as Ben Hubbard Heidi Dippold as Birdie Hubbard Jamie Harris as Oscar Hubbard Jared Harris as Horace Giddens Larry Powell as Cal Molly C. Quinn as Alexandra Giddens Albie Selznick as William Marshall Joanne Whalley as Regina Giddens Karen Malina White as Addie Sound Effects Artist, Aaron Lyons. Piano solos and duets played by Nicholas Hormann and Katie Hume. Script Supervisor, Daniel Trostler. Music Supervisor, Ronn Lipkin. Production Manager, Katie Friesen. Associate Artistic Director, Anna Lyse Erikson. Editor, Julian Nicholson. Recording Engineer, Sound Designer and Mixer, Mark Holden for The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood. Recorded in Los Angeles before a live audience at The James Bridges Theater, UCLA, in October of 2018.
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Digte Oversætter:

Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: L.A. Theatre Works
Udgivet: 2019-01-15
Længde: 1T 42M
ISBN: 9781682660843

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