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3.79 14 5 Forfatter: Terry Jennings Oplæser: Christopher Ryan Grant
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This book is a terrific tribute, from a son to his father.--Willie Nelson I'm so excited about Terrys new book.--Dolly Parton From the Foreword by Ken Mansfield There are many stories about Waylon ... the family man, the creative genius man, the quiet man, the king-of-the-six-day-roar-man, the uncommon man, the legendary man, the bad-ass man ... they are all in this book. In a signed copy of his autobiography, Texas-born country Outlaw icon Waylon Jennings penned a personal note to his son Terry: I did my best. Now its your turn. Two decades later, Terry Jennings finally completes the true story of his fathers remarkable, unvarnished life with Waylon: Tales of My Outlaw Dad. Born when Waylon was only nineteen, Terry came of age just as Waylons career hit the stratosphere with hits like I've Always Been Crazy and Good Hearted Woman, one of his famous Willie Nelson duets. Terry dropped out of high school and joined his dad on tour, and the two became more like brothers than father and son. On the road, they toured with legends like Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and Jessi Colter, Waylons fourth and final wife. Together father and son led a hard-partying lifestyle centered around music, women, and drugs. Waylons success-critical acclaim, bestselling albums, sold-out tours, and even TV stardom on The Dukes of Hazzard-was at times eclipsed by his demons, three divorces, crippling debt, and a depression that Terry traces to the premature death of Buddy Holly. (Waylon was supposed to be on Holly and Ritchie Valenss doomed flight.) Through it all, Terry worked on the touring crew, helped manage Waylons career, and became one of his fathers closest confidantes. Debunking myths and sharing incredible never-before-told stories, this book is a sons loving and strikingly honest portrait of his father, the greatest Outlaw country musician to grace this earth and an unlikely but devoted family man. Waylon: Tales of My Outlaw Dad will resonate for generations of fans.
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Forlag: Hachette Audio
Udgivet: 2016-04-19
Længde: 6T 50M
ISBN: 9781478908975

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