Jeremy Lin - Timothy Dalrymple

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin

0.0 0 5 Forfatter: Timothy Dalrymple Oplæser: Feodor Chin
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Harvard graduate Jeremy Lin recently became a New York Knicks phenomenon and he's the NBAs first American-born player of Taiwanese descent. The book will chronicle Lins high school, college and early career in the NBA with particular emphasis on the media explosion surrounding his success as starting point guard with the Knicks. It will explore how Jeremys Christian faith, family, education and cultural inheritance have contributed to his success. The book will also include interviews with basketball experts on Jeremys future in the NBA, Asian-American thought leaders on the role of race in Jeremys rise to stardom, and renowned Christian athletes and pastors on the potent combination of faith and sports.
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Forlag: Hachette Audio
Udgivet: 2012-05-01
Længde: 7T 3M
ISBN: 9781619694156

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