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Biographical Encyclopedia of Texas

Biographical Encyclopedia of Texas

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Biography is not given its rightful place in literature. It has a more intimate relation to History than is assigned by common judgment; for, after all, the life of any nation is written in the lives of those who have shown themselves in some respects superior to their fellows. History is to a great degree but the sum of individual action, and the work of the historian consists in connecting many fragments of personal experience and effort, in such a way as to form a narrative harmonious and instructive. Of no Commonwealth, in ancient or modern times, is it so true as of Texas, that its history can only be thoroughly understood through intimate acquaintance with the lives of those who made the State. A romantic interest clothes the entire theme. In the pioneer days its men were brave, and its daughters were their fit companions and helpmeets. Through all the struggle incident to its progress from a Mexican State to its position in the Federal Union, its sons exhibited many of the noblest traits of character. In the late war, its soldiers won the love of their brethren, while their valor compelled the respect of their foes. In this latter regard the work is of interest, for the reader will remark that space has been allotted to many whose names do not appear in the official reports of either the Confederate or Federal departments. This has been done as simple justice to both the dead and the living.
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