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Famous Men of Science

Famous Men of Science

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Garfield said, "No page of human history is so instructive and significant as the record of those early influences which develop the character and direct the lives of eminent men." These sketches show how young men have overcome difficulties, sometimes poverty, sometimes illness; how they have made failures before finding their true vocation. They show the results of energy, perseverance, and untiring devotion; how a cheerful face and a hopeful spirit like Agassiz's, or a gentle and kindly nature like Darwin's, can win its way against opposition. A sketch of Benjamin Franklin, which otherwise would have a place in this volume, will be found in "Famous American Statesmen"; also one of Michael Faraday, in "Poor Boys Who Became Famous." S. K. B.GALILEO GALILEI SIR ISAAC NEWTON CARL LINNÆUS BARON CUVIER SIR WILLIAM AND CAROLINE HERSCHEL ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT SIR HUMPHREY DAVY JOHN JAMES AUDUBON SAMUEL FINLEY BREESE MORSE SIR CHARLES LYELL JOSEPH HENRY, LL.D. LOUIS AGASSIZ CHARLES ROBERT DARWIN FRANCIS TREVELYAN BUCKLAND
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Forlag: anboco
Udgivet: 2016-08-29
ISBN: 9783736409040

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