The Blue Pool - Siobhan MacDonald

The Blue Pool

The Blue Pool

2.0 1 5 Forfatter: Siobhan MacDonald
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What really happened that weekend? Four friends go to a remote cabin one summer. Only three return. Life is good for university friends Sarah, Ruth, Charlotte, and Kathy: exams are over and they’re escaping to a cabin by the Blue Pool. But when Sarah disappears without a trace, life for the others will never be the same again. Twenty-five years later a man walks into a police station, claiming to know about the missing girl. Suddenly, the three women – now estranged – become suspects. Forced to revisit that horrifying weekend, they must confront buried fears. For not everything was as it seemed. And the greater the secret, the deeper it lies… From the author of Twisted River comes another unputdownable and unpredictable psychological thriller perfect for fans of Clare Mackintosh, Paula Hawkins, and B A Paris. Praise for Twisted River by Siobhan MacDonald ‘MacDonald’s dark and twisted tale of American tourists caught up in recession-hit Ireland will change the way you look at house swaps forever’ Alex Marwood, award-winning author of The Wicked Girls ‘Thrilling… a strong choice for readers who enjoyed Paula Hawkins’s The Girl on the Train.’ Library Journal ‘Evocative and richly detailed, Twisted River is a page-turning mystery about the tragic consequences that result when the tightly held secrets of two families collide.’ Kimberly McCreight, author of Reconstructing Amelia and Where They Found Her ‘MacDonald toys with the reader, leading right then feinting left with plot twists that genuinely surprise. Infidelity, deception, revenge, and murder all come into play, but the big thrill here is the constant undermining of assumptions.’ Kirkus Reviews ‘Twisted River is a superb thriller – gripping, surprising, and terrifically rewarding.’ Chris Pavone, bestselling author of The Expats ‘A gripping novel… it commands your attention from the very beginning’ InStyle Magazine ‘A terrific debut novel. MacDonald develops her twin stories with masterly control of mood and scene’ Chicago Tribune ‘​A remarkable debut novel [plotted with] breathtaking precision’ Toronto Star
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Forlag: Canelo
Udgivet: 2016-08-15
ISBN: 9781911420033

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