Silver Fountains - Beverley Hughesdon

Silver Fountains

Silver Fountains

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The heart-breaking sequel to Roses Have Thorns
Amy Roberts – born poor and illegitimate but now wife to the wealthy Lord Warminster – has everything she once-desired: security, status, but most of all, a longed-for baby daughter. What she doesn’t have is Frank, father of her first-born son, the dashing army officer she has always loved.

It is 1916 and with the Battle of the Somme approaching, and the casualty list lengthening, Amy must take charge of her husband’s estate, to grow the food her country needs in a time of crisis.

But Amy is troubled, with her loyalties torn between her middle-aged husband and her young hero. She turns for comfort to the story of Beauty and the Beast, which seems to mirror her own dilemma: she too is trapped with a man she cannot love.

Amy’s conflict drives her to enter the maelstrom of the war itself and face up to its terrors. Her courage does not fail her, but leads her on to discover the shocking secrets of the past, and through them, to the opportunity of lasting happiness that she so deserves. But can she find it, and just who will her future be with?

Silver Fountains is an absorbing reimagining of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale, and a fitting sequel to the much-loved Roses Have Thorns. It is an intimate story told with touching honesty, packed full of the passion and tragedy of its time.
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Mere info om e-bogen:

Forlag: Canelo Saga
Udgivet: 2016-06-15
ISBN: 9781910859483

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