Secrets of Business Value - Peter Robinson

Secrets of Business Value

Secrets of Business Value

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Are you delivering an expert service to your clients? This book is about you, the owner of a service business, and about you returning to your original motivation which drove you to engaging with a business of your own. Freedom, independence and the creation of lasting business value for you and your family, whether you stay or go. You will learn how to: develop the one thing that creates up to half your business value, build the intrinsic value of your business, survive the inevitable failure of your business model, prepare your business for exit, and see it grow significantly, describe the compelling uniqueness of your business, deliver what the client actually pays you for, use the Four Protocols for truly outstanding leadership.
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Forlag: Vearsa - Panoma Press
Udgivet: 2013-10-10
ISBN: 9781909623408

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