Friends and Lies - R.E. Whaley

Friends and Lies

Friends and Lies

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One night changes everything... Good girl Kat Crawford is in awe when popular bad girl Cameron Avery decides to take Kat under her wing for the summer, but when the new connection puts strain on Kats relationship with her lifelong best friend, Margot, Kat has to decide what means more to her-being well-liked by her peers or having true friendship. Just when Kat thinks life can't get any more complicated, beloved athlete-and Camerons boyfriend-Dylan Hartley dies at her house under mysterious circumstances. Kat suspects she knows the truth behind what happened to Dylan, but, together with Margot, she goes along with Camerons idea to misrepresent certain details about the incident. Dylans death also threatens a potential romance with his cousin Ross, an up-and-coming writing prodigy, who is the secret love of Kats life. Kat goes to college in the fall, like her parents had planned, and her friends move on with their lives, too. When Kats dad passes away while she is just starting her freshman year, she returns home to her family and old friends. Kat reunites with Cameron and Margot, who both seem to have changed a lot since she last saw them. And Ross, the only guy Kats ever loved, is in town too. Kat ends up uncovering the truth about what really happened that fateful summer night. But sharing that secret, which would hurt those closest to Kat, is a lot harder than she thought.
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Forlag: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Udgivet: 2016-07-26
ISBN: 9781786517654

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