Long Reining - Dr Thomas Ritter

Long Reining

Long Reining

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“Long Reining is so much fun that it is easy to get
hooked on it. It trains the rider's eyes and tact by
adding a visual impression to the sense of touch and vice versa.”
Dr. Thomas Ritter

It is no wonder that more and more riders are discovering the old tradition of
long reining for themselves. It helps the horse to improve his balance and
ability to collect without the weight of the rider, and it lends itself well to
training difficult movements in a horse friendly manner. Dr. Thomas Ritter
explains the correct aids from the beginning through Haute École in practical terms. Thanks to the discussion of frequent mistakes and their corrections, long reining novices and experienced trainers alike can find much new information here. The author's passion and enthusiasm for long reining are evident throughout. Many helpful tips invite you to experiment!
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Forlag: Cadmos Publishing
Udgivet: 2017-02-09
ISBN: 9783840464225

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