Prayer, Faith & Healing - Kenneth Caine,Brian Kaufman

Prayer, Faith & Healing

Prayer, Faith & Healing

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Tap the power of prayer and faith to heal whatever ails you. Prayer and faith can be potent cures for a whole host of emotional and physical problems. Hundreds of scientific studies prove it! But how do you access this hidden strength? Prayer, Faith & Healing by Kenneth Winston Caine and Brian Paul Kaufman will show you how with: Advice from more than 160 of America's top religious leaders, counselors, doctors, and scientistsMore than 500 tips for handling anger, addiction, depression, divorce, grief, stress, infidelity, financial problems, and over 40 other conditionsNearly 30 ways to build a more meaningful prayer life Prayer, Faith & Healing is the most complete, most compelling advice ever gathered on how to heal yourself with prayer.
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Forlag: Rodale
Udgivet: 2000-05-19
ISBN: 9781609612634

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