The Hormone Decision - Tara Parker-Pope

The Hormone Decision

The Hormone Decision

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It's the most pressing question on the minds of women at any stage of the menopausal transition: "Should I or shouldn't I take menopause hormones?" The answer is far from crystal clear. Hormone drugs are the most effective therapy for easing hot flashes and other common menopause symptoms. But their long-term effects have been the focus of intense scrutiny and debate. As the weekly consumer health columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Tara Parker-Pope has been an eyewitness to the growing controversy surrounding hormone therapy. Her understanding of menopause research, and her access to the experts behind it, has given her unique insight into the complex issues surrounding hormone use. In The Hormone Decision, Parker-Pope explores the scientific, political and social forces that have shaped current thinking on hormone therapy. And she takes you on a head to toe tour of how hormones affect every part of your body, including your brain, your breasts, your heart, your bones, your vagina, and even your skin. As you will discover, hormone therapy is not one-size-fits-all. It's as individual as your health status, family history and menopause experience. When you start hormone therapy and how long you use it are major factors in determining its health effects. While it may raise certain risks for some women, it actually may be protective for others. This is why you need an independent, objective resource like The Hormone Decision. It provides the context for you to understand the research, ask intelligent questions, and ultimately choose whether or not hormone therapy is right for you.
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Forlag: Rodale
Udgivet: 2007-01-09
ISBN: 9781594869273

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