Becoming a Woman Who Knows God by Name - Jan Harrison

Becoming a Woman Who Knows God by Name

Becoming a Woman Who Knows God by Name

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Those who know your name trust in you. Psalm 9:10 My Creator. My Provider. My Healer. My Peace. These names of God give you important insight into His steadfast character. Seek the Lord on a deeper level by getting to know Him as He reveals Himself in the Bible... Elohim-Creator of your life and purpose Jehovah Jireh-Provider of your endless supply Jehovah Rophe-Healer in your brokenness Jehovah Shalom-Peace in your fear and uncertainty Knowing God by name makes Him more approachable and His Word more applicable. Learning who He is and how deeply He loves you gives you confidence to walk by His side day by day. Strengthen your trust in God for every circumstance, hope, and step of faith in this study of some of the most beloved aspects of His nature. Let His heart assure your heart as you become a woman who knows the God of the universe by name.
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Forlag: Vearsa - Harvest House Publishers
Udgivet: 2016-08-30
ISBN: 9780736961417

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