The Albatross 3rd & Main - Simon David Eden

The Albatross 3rd & Main

The Albatross 3rd & Main

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Gene Lacy, a former lobster boat fisherman and proprietor of Lacys General Store, is down on his luck big time: he's ducking creditors, huge gambling debts, and an ex-wife with very expensive tastes. So when Spider walks into his store with a golden lottery ticket in the shape of a rare and valuable dead bird, Gene has a choice to make. He has the connections to help Spider turn his windfall into greenbacks, but theres one tiny problem, as Genes right-hand man - an ex-boxer named Lullaby - is well aware: its a felony offence to even be in possession of the bird. As the metaphorical noose tightens, and the threat of a lengthy stretch behind bars hangs over them, so the friendships unravel with a potentially deadly and deadly funny outcome: if theres honour amongst thieves, somebody forgot to tell these guys.
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Forlag: Vearsa - Samuel French
Udgivet: 2015-01-29
ISBN: 9780573300479

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