The Deciding Factor - Ayla Ruse

The Deciding Factor

The Deciding Factor

3,66 38 5 Forfatter: Ayla Ruse
Being with two men suddenly became a lot more complicated ... Reuniting with both a first love and a first lover within a matter of days is enough to make any girls head spin. Alycia Delaney is no exception. About to turn 30, Aly decides to take charge of her lacklustre life and to live with a try-anything-new attitude. Too bad her attitude didn't account for fate throwing two of the most important men from Alys past straight into her arms. Sawyer Test and Luke Coldwell are best friends and each man wants Aly for himself. Leaving the choice to her, Aly opens door number three and decides they should embark in a summer-long ménage. When talk turns into action, each participant is forced to question their impulsiveness, and Aly is left caught between the safety of a painful decision and the perils of following her heart. Reader Advisory: This book snares you with m/f/m love, anal play, erotic spanking and a happily ever after.
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Erotik Oversætter:

Mere info om e-bogen:

Forlag: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Udgivet: 2011-01-17
ISBN: 9780857153883

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