Rituals for Every Day - Katia Narain Phillips,Nadia Narain

Rituals for Every Day

Rituals for Every Day

3.9 31 5 Forfatter: Katia Narain Phillips,Nadia Narain Oplæser: Katia Narain Phillips, Nadia Narain
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Random House presents the audiobook edition of Rituals for Every Day, written and read by Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips. ‘Unusually practical, non-patronising and authentic. Think Marie Kondo for the mind, if you will, or the Hemsleys for the soul.’ Sunday Times We all feel that desire for a calmer, more spacious way of living, but we’re often unsure exactly how to step off the crazy treadmill of day-to-day routines and responsibilities. Nadia and Katia have learned, through years of practice, that simple rituals can help you press the pause button on the pace of modern life. In Rituals for Every Day they share their easy-to-follow advice, step by step. Let rituals bring you back to yourself.
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Forlag: Cornerstone Digital
Udgivet: 2018-11-15
Længde: 2T 51M
ISBN: 9781473568396

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