Gulf War/Black - Joyce Carol Oates

Gulf War/Black

Gulf War/Black

3.5 8 5 Forfatter: Joyce Carol Oates Oplæser: Edward Asner, Joe Spano, Rif Hutton, Nan Martin, Stephanie Dunnam
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Two one-act plays by Joyce Carol Oates. In Gulf War, an affluent young couple entertains an older couple for an evening of cocktails and politics during the Gulf War. But as the evening continues, the conversation take a bizarre and absurd tone.

An L.A. Theatre Works full cast performances featuring:

Edward Asner as Deforrest Widmark
Stephanie Dunnam as Nicole Bell
Nan Martin as Mitzie Widmark
Joe Spano as Stuart Bell

And in Black, a couple anxiously awaits the arrival of an ex-husband for dinner and drinks. As the wine glasses are drained, the evening becomes dark and intense, revealing the true colors of the characters in this eerie love triangle.

An L.A. Theatre Works full cast performances featuring:

Stephanie Dunnam as Debra O'Donnell
Rif Hutton as Lew Claybrook
Joe Spano as Jonathan Boyd

Directed by Peggy Shannon. Recorded before a live audience at the Guest Quarters Suite Hotel, Santa Monica in October of 1991.
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Digte Oversætter:

Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: L.A. Theatre Works
Udgivet: 2009-07-25
Længde: 1T 31M
ISBN: 9781580816373

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