The Best Man - Gore Vidal

The Best Man

The Best Man

3.0 8 5 Forfatter: Gore Vidal Oplæser: Michael Kramer, Marsha Mason, Kevin Murray, Naomi Jacobson, Paul Morella, Judy Simmons, Gary Sloan, Terrence Currier, Johnny Holliday, Timmy Ray James, Senator Fred Thompson
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This darkly satirical drama by Gore Vidal finds two Presidential contenders seeking the endorsement of an aging ex-president, and explores how personal agendas can change the course of a nation's destiny. A co-production with The Smithsonian Associates and Voice of America. An L.A. Theatre Works full cast performance featuring: Terrence Currier as Ex-President Hockstader Johnny Holliday as Dr. Artinian/Reporter Naomi Jacobson as Mabel Cantwell Timmy Ray James as Senator Carlin/Reporter Michael Kramer as Sheldon Marcus Marsha Mason as Alice Russell Paul Morella as Senator Joe Cantwell Kevin Murray as Dick Jensen Judy Simmons as Mrs. Gamadge Gary Sloan as Don Blades Senator Fred Thompson as William Russell Directed by Nick Olcott. Recorded before a live audience at Voice of America, Washington D.C. in May of 2002.
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Forlag: L.A. Theatre Works
Udgivet: 2015-10-15
Længde: 1T 57M
ISBN: 9781580814133

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