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Zig Ziglar on Leadership

Zig Ziglar on Leadership

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In Ziglar on Leadership, world renowned author and speaker Zig Ziglar, with a special introduction and updates by Tom Ziglar (CEO of Ziglar Corporation), teaches timeless principles of leadership that can help you become a strong leader in any vocation. Not only that, Zig and Tom will help listeners develop a deeper understanding of success by understanding principles of achieving success in life and business.

A positive attitude is key to becoming a good leader and learning how to build people up in order to keep your business growing. Develop a positive outlook on failure, and understand why it is an event and not a person. The manner in which you treat people will pay rich dividends.

Everyone is born with qualities to achieve success. Let one of the most renowned motivational speakers in the world help you develop your success while you lead.

In this audio program you'll learn the following topics:

**Leadership Success Traits of Attitude, Passion and Optimism

**Leading for Success in the 21st Century

**Leveraging the Latest Communications Technology

**Leadership Fundamentals

And more!

Since everyone is born with leadership qualities, you will learn exactly how to develop these success qualities in your career and life.
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Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Gildan Media
Udgivet: 2015-12-01
Længde: 3T 13M
ISBN: 9781469095431

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