Customer Obsessed - Eric Berridge

Customer Obsessed

Customer Obsessed

4,2 10 5 Forfatter: Eric Berridge Oplæser: Tim Andres Pabon

Companies who define success through business outcomes and put customers at the center of their business realize sustainable, continuous growth. Customer experience is a key driver of technical innovation and business success-Customer Obsessed teaches companies how to leverage it across all levels of their organizations to sustain competitive advantage in the digital era.

Customer Obsessed looks at customer experience with an eye toward business transformation, providing high-level insight into each business element that affects that experience. It offers more than outward-facing prescriptive actions, providing a whole company approach to redefine what it means to be customer-focused and achieve higher levels of success.

See how some of today's biggest brands translate data into customer moments, design systems to recognize opportunities to interact, and keep everyone on the same page to deliver personalized experiences.

The framework inside gives you all you need to create a customer-obsessed culture where you can:

Prioritize people over technology to connect with employees, partners, and customers on a more powerful level
Access every critical metric in your business from your phone, from anywhere in the world, through a simple dashboard
Reach into the cloud and see customer sentiment, know how customers found your brand, and predict what will keep them engaged
Lead with transparency to earn respect and support from your team and clarify executive decision making
Create exceptional customer experiences with insights from a CEO who's been on the forefront of the cloud revolution and business transformation for 15 years. Through practical advice and real-world examples, Customer Obsessed provides a comprehensive road map to help you build a better, more innovative business.
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Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Gildan Media
Udgivet: 2017-07-01
Længde: 7T 13M
ISBN: 9781469006932

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