Decision Quality - Jennifer Meyer,Carl Spetzler,Hannah Winter

Decision Quality

Decision Quality

2.33 3 5 Forfatter: Jennifer Meyer,Carl Spetzler,Hannah Winter Oplæser: Karen Saltus
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Few things are as valuable in business, and in life, as the ability to make good decisions. Decision Quality is here to help you make decisions that maximize value creation and manage risk- every time.

This audiobook comes from the dynamic team of award- winning educator Carl Spetzler and his colleagues, Hannah Winter and Jennifer Meyer. This trio has helped shape the decision quality profession over the years-in the field and in the classroom. They've also worked with leaders around the world, across industries, to elevate the quality of their decisions. That same expertise is now available to you.

The framework at the heart of this audiobook comes from the authors' decades-deep foundation in decision theory, behavioral decision sciences, and real-world practice. You'll get a reliable methodology that can be applied to all types of decisions-from business to personal, for big bets or smaller choices-regardless of your level, specialty, and industry. Every chapter unfolds with focused lessons, insights, and examples to help you navigate complex decisions.

Decision Quality enables you to:
Avoid the most common traps that undermine decision making
Judge the quality of your decisions more accurately, as you're making them
Navigate today's uncertainties with confidence
Execute on your decisions with greater buy-in and success
Join the growing group of leaders who are making decisions that create greater value-every time.
Deal with uncertainty-a factor in every important choice
Judge the quality of a decision at the time you're making it
Learn how organizations have benefited from building quality into their decisions.
Many people are satisfied with 'good enough' when making important decisions. This audiobook provides a method that will take you and your co-workers beyond 'good enough' to true Decision Quality.
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Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Gildan Media
Udgivet: 2017-04-01
Længde: 6T 58M
ISBN: 9781469066288

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