Barnsley Match of My Life - David Kuzio

Barnsley Match of My Life

Barnsley Match of My Life

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Fifteen Barnsley footballing legends tell the stories behind their favourite ever games for the club - enabling fans of all ages to relive these magic moments through the eyes and emotions of the men who were there, pulling on the famous red shirt. Local lad Mick McCarthy recalls the moment he was selected for his first game representing his boyhood team, revealing how dearly he holds the club, the fans and one person in particular all these years later. Arjan de Zeeuw talks about how he was smuggled into a hotel when he was still an unknown, and was told he was signing for an English club. In the end he was delighted that his career in England started at Barnsley, going on to describe how it felt to do the unthinkable at Anfield during the club's only Premier League season. Oakwell legends including Marley Watkins, Lewin Nyatanga, Marc Richards, Paul Hayes, Brian Howard, Adie Moses, Darren Barnard and Stephen Foster also turn in characteristic star performances, winding back the clock to relive treasured memories of the Match of Their Lives.
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Forlag: Pitch Publishing
Udgivet: 2018-08-15
ISBN: 9781785314643

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