The Spirit-Filled Life - Charles F. Stanley

The Spirit-Filled Life

The Spirit-Filled Life

0.0 0 5 Forfatter: Charles F. Stanley Oplæser: Maurice England
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A wise, measured, and deeply passionate invitation to a Spirit-filled life Are you trying your best to be a good Christian but still feel something’s missing? Do the peace and joy you long for seem to elude you? Does following Christ sometimes feel like a lot of work—or like it’s just not working very well? Much has been written and spoken—and argued!—about the Holy Spirit and what it means to be filled with the Spirit. Charles Stanley cuts through the confusion and introduces you to a living Person as real and active as God the Father and Christ the Son. Through personal stories, biblical exploration, and insightful explanation, he will help you discover: who the Spirit is—and how to develop a relationship with Himwho the Spirit isn’t—and how to avoid damaging misconceptionshow being “filled” with the Spirit actually workswhat the Bible really teaches about spiritual “signs” such as speaking in tongueshow the Spirit can increase your capacity for faith, hope, love, and personal transformationwhat it means to “hear” the Spirit’s voicehow to make the most of your unique spiritual gifting to build up Christ’s bodywhat happens when the Spirit’s power is unleashed in your workplace, your family life, your friendships, and every other area of your life In The Spirit-Filled Life Charles Stanley reveals how to recognize and begin to live with the guiding presence of the Holy Spirit.
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Forlag: Thomas Nelson
Udgivet: 2014-08-19
Længde: 8T 26M
ISBN: 9780718034993

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