Poems to Live Your Life By: Chosen and Illustrated by - Chris Riddell

Poems to Live Your Life By: Chosen and Illustrated by

Poems to Live Your Life By: Chosen and Illustrated by

3.86 28 5 Forfatter: Chris Riddell Oplæser: Samuel West
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In Poems to Live Your Life By, Chris Riddell, political cartoonist for the Observer, has selected his very favourite classic and modern poems about life, death and everything in between. This wonderful audio edition is read by British actor Sam West, who has notably starred in iconic films such as Notting Hill and Darkest Hour, and has a run time of approximately ninety minutes. It includes forty-six poems and is divided into sections covering: musings, youth, family, love, imaginings, nature, war and endings. Chris's wonderful anthology features famous poems, old and new, and a few surprises. Classic verses from William Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, W. B. Yeats and Christina Rossetti sit alongside poems from Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Carol Ann Duffy, Neil Gaiman and Roger McGough to create the ultimate collection brought to life by West's exquisite readings. *Please note that the audio edition does not include Simon Armitage's poem 'I am very bothered' or Kate Tempest's 'Thirteen', both of which are in the hardback edition*
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Forlag: Macmillan Digital Audio
Udgivet: 2018-09-20
Længde: 1T 8M
ISBN: 9781529014105

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