The Story of the Cloth - Ken Paterson

The Story of the Cloth

The Story of the Cloth

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What would you do if you were walking through the park at dusk one day and a fairy appeared, offering to grant you a wish? Trainee architect by profession, daydreamer by habit, Alex happens to have one ready: the power of instantaneous travel. It's only when he finds himself in Oman on his debut 'flight', and is drawn, by a chance encounter with the kindly scholar Burhan, into the perilous quest for an ancient cloth, that Alex realises there's always a price to pay for a new gift. Burhan sees the cloth as a beacon of hope for mankind. Salah, his ruthless cousin, wants to lock it away forever. The chase that ensues will threaten Burhan's life, Alex's life and Carol's too, his enigmatic new girlfriend. But it may also reveal the identity and true purpose of the girl in the park with the wand. "... harrowing moments ... engrossing tale ... Paterson's exceptional prose turns the seemingly mundane into alluring imagery ... A solid blend of genres, though the writing and characters shine brightest." – Kirkus Reviews
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Forlag: Ken Paterson
Udgivet: 2018-04-18
ISBN: 9781912643127

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