Wednesday v United - Richard Crooks

Wednesday v United

Wednesday v United

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Wednesday v United: The Sheffield Derby presents a vivid account of one of the most passionate rivalries in football. Looking back to the Victorian era and the start of the Steel City divide, it features a decade-by-decade history of the derby in the context of the changing times. With an enhanced focus on the modern era, the derby rivalry is brought right up to date with a spotlight on the latest games. Richard Crooks describes how the fortunes of the two clubs have ebbed and flowed over the years. Individual derby matches are highlighted, providing emotive examples of each club's highs and lows, recalling the wildly contrasting rollercoaster ride undertaken by red and blue factions. The great games, players and managers are all to the fore. Using contemporary written and broadcast material together with the author's first-hand account and experiences, Wednesday v United brings home the intensity that is the hallmark of the Sheffield divide.Â
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Forlag: Pitch Publishing
Udgivet: 2018-08-24
ISBN: 9781785314841

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