Health & Well-Being For The Professional Driver - Brian Roberts

Health & Well-Being For The Professional Driver

Health & Well-Being For The Professional Driver

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LONDON BASED – Brian Roberts has worked in the transport industry for many years, his curious nature alerted him to the fact that he was a witness to many ailments amongst his colleagues. Which is why he has endeavored to create 'Health & Well-Being For The Professional Driver' (published by AuthorHouse UK) assisting drivers to notice and counteract diseases prior to them become dangerous to their health.

'Health & Well-Being For The Professional Driver' is a manual that addresses ailments that are commonly encountered by professional drivers, with recommended exercises to heal and or prevent injury. In exploring the causes of these disorders, readers will be introduced to data from numerous reports and analyses, some of which have been archived. These compelling facts are included to enable the reader to understand the challenges that professional driving poses to the driver's health.

This book provide recommendations to some of the most common complaints and advice's on how to avoid injury or illness. Helpful illustrations, literature and pictures demonstrate correct and safe driving posture. It also provides guidance to avoiding stress and demonstrates exercises that can help prevent the most common driving-related ailments. Vital tips will help readers examine their eating habits at work and help them to determine if they are endangering their health. A food guide is enclosed to help heal and prevent possible oversights / unseen in the future.
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Forlag: Authors House UK
Udgivet: 2018-08-08
ISBN: 9781504939164

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