The S'mores Cookbook - Susan Whetzel

The S'mores Cookbook

The S'mores Cookbook

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S'Mores, All Grown Up!

Who says you need to be sitting in front of a fire to enjoy the irresistible taste of s'mores? Oozing with fifty mouthwatering recipes, The S'mores Cookbook shows you how to indulge in the rich blend of creamy chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and honeyed graham crackers at every meal. From Chocolate Graham Pancakes drizzled with a sweet marshmallow syrup to S'mores Eclairs smothered in a dark chocolate ganache, this book combines your favorite trio of flavors in ways you've never imagined to create delicious plates that will impress friends and family. Featuring step-by-step instructions and enticing four-color photos, you're guaranteed to melt when you dig into delicious s'mores recipes like:
Toasted marshmallow s'Mores ice creamBlack forest s'MoresNo-bake oatmeal s'Mores cookiesS'mores chocolate bread puddingCrock-Pot s'Mores browniesThe S'mores Cookbook will satisfy your cravings for the gooey campfire treat all year long!
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Forlag: Adams Media
Udgivet: 2013-07-18
ISBN: 9781440565281

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