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The Everything Nordic Cookbook

The Everything Nordic Cookbook

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The new Nordic cuisine--simple, healthy, and fresh

Do you want to cook rich and flavorful Scandinavian fare, such as Lobster Salad with Nobis Dressing or Danish Coconut Dream Cake, but don't know where to start? With this collection of recipes, you can craft unique dishes inspired by the natural world anytime. From simple breakfasts to elaborate smorgasbords, this comprehensive cookbook introduces you to the delightful tastes and healthful benefits of the Nordic lifestyle with more than 300 easy-to-make recipes, including:
Gingersnap MeatballsSavory Pear SoupNorwegian Eggs BenedictSpring Chicken Salad with New Asparagus and Pickled RhubarbSmoked Trout with Summer VegetablesSwedish Apple Cake
Whether you're looking to simplify your diet, want to try home preserving, or can't get enough of Scandinavian products like smoked salmon and lingonberry jam, The Everything Nordic Cookbook has all the tips and recipes you need to reap the rewards of the Nordic lifestyle!
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Forlag: Everything
Udgivet: 2012-07-18
ISBN: 9781440532825

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