The Everything Chinese Cookbook - Manyee Elaine Mar

The Everything Chinese Cookbook

The Everything Chinese Cookbook

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Make your favorite dishes at home! Chinese takeout is a go-to solution for busy nights, but typical Chinese restaurant fare can be loaded with fat, sugar, and salt. With The Everything Chinese Cookbook, 2nd Edition, you can make healthier (and more delicious) versions of your favorite takeout dishes at home, including: Spicy szechwan peanut sauceCrab rangoonQuick and easy hot and sour soupChicken chow meinTraditional mu shu porkVegetable egg foo yungStir-fried orange beefDrunken chicken wingsSpicy shrimp with hot shanghai noodlesSzechwan eggplant with black rice vinegarSesame seed dumplings with red bean pasteAlmond cookies In this completely updated and revised cookbook, you will find traditional recipes made with fresh, vibrant vegetables; lean meats; and just the right amount of healthy fats. Hundreds of easy recipes take you from basic sauces and side dishes to weeknight stir-fries and company-worthy specialties. So forget the time and expensive of typical takeout--the healthiest and best-tasting Chinese food can come out of your kitchen!
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Forlag: Everything
Udgivet: 2013-10-04
ISBN: 9781440568206

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