The Student Guide to Writing: Playwriting - Jennifer Tuckett

The Student Guide to Writing: Playwriting

The Student Guide to Writing: Playwriting

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The Student Guide to Playwriting provides access to step-by-step lesson plans for writing a theatre play. The lessons are written by ten top industry professionals who have led the way in terms of playwriting training in the UK. Including Rob Drummer, Artistic Director of Boundless Theatre, and former Associate Dramaturg at the Bush Theatre Ola Animashawun, founder of the Royal Court Theatre’s young writers programme John Yorke, founder of the BBC Writers Academy and author of Into the Woods Tom Holloway, playwright and mentor, nominated by the Bush Theatre Fin Kennedy , founder of Schoolwrights and Artistic Director of Tamasha Theatre Company St eve Winter, Director of the Kevin Spacey Foundation and cofounder of the Old Vic New Voices 24 Hour Plays Caroline Jester, who has pioneered international collaborative and digital playwriting programmes Caroline Hort on, writer, performer, director and mentor, nominated by the Bush Theatre Lucy Kerbel, Director of Tonic Theatre and founder of Platform Suitable for writers, students, teachers, the industry and anyone with an interest in dramatic writing and playwriting, the book offers key advice on getting started, ideas, structure, scenes, characterization, dialogue, theatricality, rewriting, and the business of staging your work.
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Forlag: Oberon Books
Udgivet: 2017-05-05
ISBN: 9781786822161

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