5:45 to Suburbia - Vin Packer

5:45 to Suburbia

5:45 to Suburbia

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There were two Charlie Gibsons One rode the 5:45 to Westport and was met at the station by his charming wife who dressed in impeccable tweeds and mixed a wicked martini. He also had a long-legged, lovely daughter whom he admired. He was second in command of a vast publishing house and, what’s more, he got there without being a hatchet man. Everybody had respect for him; almost everybody liked him. That was one side of Charlie Gibson. The unhappy side. One spent every spare minute in the apartment of Marge Mann. She was beautiful and flamboyant and she loved Charlie with passion. It was she who gave him the ideas that took him to the top of the publishing world - although Charlie never realized it. Every minute he spent with her was like being under the influence of a strong drug. He was addicted to Marge and didn’t want to break the habit. That was the other side of Charlie Gibson. The happy side.
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Forlag: Prologue Books
Udgivet: 2011-12-31
ISBN: 9781440537172

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