Alone on the South Downs Way - Holly Worton

Alone on the South Downs Way

Alone on the South Downs Way

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Alone on the South Downs Way is the story of Holly Wortons 100 mile walking journey along one of Englands National Trails in 2015. An avid walker, she thought she was up for the challenge of an eight day hike, and happily set off to explore the South Downs. What followed was a magical journey through nature that was both more satisfying and more difficult than she ever imagined. This book contains all the blisters, sweat, and tears from that life-changing journey. More than just a walking travelogue or memoirs of a walking holiday, this book contains Hollys reflections on walking the Way, including lessons learned and practical information to help you plan your South Downs Way hiking adventure. It includes a suggested packing list, gear recommendations, and other useful tips, such as when to walk the Way, where to stay, and how much you'll need to budget. This book will not only get you inspired to walk the South Downs Way or other long distance trail, it will encourage you to get outdoors more often.
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Udgivet: 2016-06-14
ISBN: 9781911161059

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