Secrets of a Master Moderator - Naomi Henderson

Secrets of a Master Moderator

Secrets of a Master Moderator

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This book spans nearly 35 years of Naomis experiences as a moderator and a trainer of qualitative researchers. It covers a full range of QREs (Qualitative Research Events) from IDIs to extended groups. There are tools, tips, and techniques for moderators who run the gamut from new to the industry, to those with long years of research experience. It grapples with knotty questions and concerns that affect those working in market research environments. Henderson guides readers through an exploration of the reasons behind the importance of knowing that what counts in life cannot be measured on a scale, teaching them to navigate the territory of the heart below rational logic of the mind. Now in its third edition, Secrets of a Master Moderator, includes a glossary, index, and sample documents to aide any qualitative market researcher sharpen their skills.
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Udgivet: 2016-05-09
ISBN: 9780983673934

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