Release Emotional Pain - Fiori Giovanni

Release Emotional Pain

Release Emotional Pain

4,62 8 5 Forfatter: Fiori Giovanni Oplæser: Michael Nikou
Whatever your situation in life, there will be a time where you will be confronted by work conflicts, relationship separation, medical difficulties, or the death of a loved one. No one escapes these circumstances of life and the pain they bring. At these times of deep distress, we often revert to versions of ourselves that aren’t completely logical. When this happens, the mind starts to race with negative thoughts and we become tense and feel discomfort. Some experts would suggest crying your pain out, some would tell you to change the scene or side-step to avoid the pain. We believe pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

At My Mind Valley we have created a powerful affirmation program to let you work your way through pain and reinvest in life, in an easy and holistic way.

In ‘Release emotional pain’ you will learn how to:

• Acknowledge the presence of pain

• Let go of self-loathing and other unproductive ideas that don’t benefit you

• Disengage from heavy, emotional baggage and enter the world of wisdom, clarity and peace of mind

• Eliminate pain

• Be energised by the power of joy

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Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2018-08-02
Længde: 35M
ISBN: 9781982716516

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