The Ideas of Peter Drucker About Management - Ben Tiggelaar

The Ideas of Peter Drucker About Management

The Ideas of Peter Drucker About Management

3.67 30 5 Forfatter: Ben Tiggelaar Oplæser: Bill Hoopes
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Peter Drucker was one of the most influential management authors of the 20th century. In addition to that he was a lecturer and advisor for many years. Peter Drucker was an outright moralist. He believed managers and professionals should not live as unto themselves, but contribute to 'the greater good.' An organization should contribute to society. And its managers and professionals should contribute to the organization. Peter Drucker wrote prolifically about a wide range of topics. But most of his writings can be linked to one of three themes. - The first theme: the functioning of organizations and the role of the management profession; - The second theme: the personal effectiveness of managers and professionals within organizations; - And the third theme: the development of society as a whole and the role of organizations in that development. In this audio program we´re going to explore these three themes. MBA in One Day - Management Classics is a series of 10 audio programs from author Ben Tiggelaar about the insights and advice from the most important management gurus. Presenter Bill Hoopes discusses the ideas of: Stephen Covey, Peter Drucker, Eli Goldratt, Michael Hammer, Kaplan & Norton, Philip Kotler, Henry Mintzberg, Tom Peters, Michael Porter, and Robert Quinn. Contents 1 Welcome 2 Who Was Peter Drucker 3 Peter Drucker's Vision 4 Drucker on Organizations 5 The Role of Management in Organisations 6 Drucker's Views on the Job of a Manager 7 Peter Drucker on Personal Effectiveness 8 Drucker's Ideas on New Developments 9 Praise and Criticism 10 The Practical Value of Drucker's Ideas
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Forlag: Tyler Roland Press
Udgivet: 2011-06-27
Længde: 46M
ISBN: 9789079445288

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