Going Underground - Michael Leese

Going Underground

Going Underground

4.4 5 5 Forfatter: Michael Leese Oplæser: Michael Healy
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A spate of murders, deranged scientists and heavily armed mercenaries-little wonder there's a state of panic at Scotland Yard.

Chief Inspector Brian Hooley has a plan, and it won't make him popular. He wants to bring back autistic detective Jonathan Roper.

Currently suspended on misconduct charges, his condition, coupled with a relentless work-ethic, makes Roper a unique investigator with observational skills that allow him to see what others miss. But he is also a complex man who doesn't get social boundaries and plenty of his colleagues just don't like him.

Hooley doesn't care about that. He knows Roper is the one to make a difference.

What follows is a roller coaster ride with the veteran cop about to find out what it's like to be the subject of Roper's unflinching gaze as his personal habits face intense scrutiny. This special relationship is warmly observed and provides a comic contrast to a darkly compelling story where the pair is pushed to the limit.
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Krimier Oversætter:

Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Tantor Audio
Udgivet: 2018-07-31
Længde: 7T 36M
ISBN: 9781977388896

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