The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration - John Zmirak, Al Perrotta

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration

4 13 5 Forfatter: John Zmirak, Al Perrotta Oplæser: John McLain
Building “the Wall” would cost less than half of what we spend to educate illegal immigrants every year Illegal immigration costs American taxpayers $116 billion a year 62 percent of naturalized immigrants are for the Democrats; only 25 percent are for the Republicans Competition from immigrants costs American workers $450 billion a year The Founders wanted to admit only immigrants who would make a net contribution—and assimilate Millions of nineteenth-century immigrants who couldn’t make it in America went back home The percent of foreign-born in the United States today is the highest since World War I—and this time we’re not doing “Americanization” After Reagan’s 1986 Amnesty, the illegal population went from 3.2 million to 11 million Over 700,000 foreign visitors to the United States in 2016 overstayed their visas 80 percent of Central American women and girls who enter the United States illegally are raped along the way Noncitizens are only 9 percent of our population but 27 percent of federal prisoners 147 million more people from around the world would like to move to the United States
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Forlag: Blackstone Audio
Udgivet: 2018-05-21
Længde: 7T 16M
ISBN: 9781538504017

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