64 Lessons for a Life Without Limits - T.D. Jakes

64 Lessons for a Life Without Limits

64 Lessons for a Life Without Limits

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The New York Times bestselling author, senior pastor of The Potter’s House, and “spiritual warrior who is a master of meeting mankind eye to eye” (Stedman Graham, New York Times bestselling author) uses his bestselling books Reposition Yourself and Making Great Decisions to create an inspirational and timeless collection of advice.

You’ve made adjustments and the important choices toward a better life, but now it’s time to stand firm. This moving and remarkable treasure of a book is divided into eight sections, each of which includes eight pieces of unforgettable advice. These all add up to 64 Lessons for a Life Without Limits, the perfect inspirational tool for keeping you grounded with confidence and maximizing your potential. “We can always count on a word from God through Bishop Jakes that will not only inspire us but will speak growth to our souls” (Tyler Perry).
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Forlag: Atria Books
Udgivet: 2011-11-03
ISBN: 9781451625257

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