The Everything Tropical Fish Book - Carlo DeVito,Gregory Skomal

The Everything Tropical Fish Book

The Everything Tropical Fish Book

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Tropical fish are beautiful to look at, fascinating to collect, and totally relaxing to watch. And there are no simpler pets to own. For the hobbyist or novice pet owner, The Everything Tropical Fish book offers a complete resource for caring for freshwater and saltwater fish, whether you’re starting with your first goldfish bowl or assembling aquarium tanks full of different kinds of fish.

Inside, you’ll learn how to find and purchase the fish you want, and how to keep your new finned friends happy. From setting up the aquarium with the proper filters to outfitting the tank with the proper balance of plants and chemicals, The Everything Tropical Fish Book answers all your fish-friendly questions!

Learn how to:
Buy the proper equipment to set up your own fresh or saltwater aquariumsCollect tropical fish—which are the most popular and whyKeep your pets healthy—with proper food, water quality, and temperatureBuild beautiful outdoor ponds and water gardens for goldfish and koiAnd much, much more!
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Forlag: Everything
Udgivet: 2000-07-01
ISBN: 9781440537691

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