Jello Salad - Nicholas Blincoe

Jello Salad

Jello Salad

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A dangerously moreish mix of Tarantino violence and Almodóvar camp

They’re opening a new restaurant in Soho tonight. Susan Ball’s the owner, and she’s funding the joint with the money she ripped off from her gangster husband, Frank ‘Ballistic’ Ball.

Hogie’s the cook. He’s from Manchester and his long blond locks have made him a natural TV chef. The trouble is, he’s also a screaming pervert.

Cheb’s the Maitre D. He’s just back from Goa and he might not say his brains were completely drug-fried, but everyone else would. Oh, and I wouldn’t trust him with your credit card…

‘This black comedy of modern bad manners aims at outrage and hits the bull’s eye every time… a must-read’ Val McDermid
‘Ultra hip, manic, funny, hugely imaginative… Blincoe is a terrific talent’ The Times
‘A riotously good read’ Observer
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Mere info om e-bogen:

Forlag: Canelo
Udgivet: 2016-04-04
ISBN: 9781910859452

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