The H. G. Wells Collection - Herbert George Wells

The H. G. Wells Collection

The H. G. Wells Collection

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Collected together here are seven of the most iconic novels of H. G. Wells, the father of science fiction himself.

With each story, he presents a unique and exciting twist. In The Invisible Man, a scientist's experimentation with visibility goes disastrously wrong. The Time Machine features a traveller recounting his adventures into the future, and The Island of Doctor Moreau explores the terrifying boundaries of human and animal morality.

Other stories included are The War of the Worlds, The First Men in the Moon, When the Sleeper Wakes and The World Set Free. This array of thrilling stories ranges from scenes of alien invasions to visions of dystopian futures.
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Forlag: Arcturus
Udgivet: 2017-10-03
ISBN: 9781788880367

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