When Happiness is Not Enough - Chris Skellett

When Happiness is Not Enough

When Happiness is Not Enough

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Everybody wants to be happy. But do we really know what ‘happiness’ is and how it contributes to a fulfilling life? In considering these questions, psychologist Chris Skellett proposes that:

In order to live a truly fulfilling life, we need to strike a considered balance between Pleasure and Achievement.

This simple truth, known as the Pleasure/Achievement Principle, lies at the heart of this entertaining, yet thought-provoking book. By applying the Principle to your own life, you will learn:

• how to become more aware of your own Pleasure/Achievement orientation

• how to enhance the quality of your personal relationships

• how to harness the underlying influences that drive your decision-making style

• how to experience a greater sense of fulfilment while at work, and finally

• how to strike a healthy balance between the experience of pleasure, derived from an appreciation of the moment, and the experience of satisfaction, derived from the achievement of personal goals.

In addition, you will be encouraged to create a structured personal plan that will assist you to enjoy a richer and more fulfilling life — a life well lived.
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Forlag: Exisle Publishing
Udgivet: 2011-10-01
ISBN: 9781927147900

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