Jonah Lomu, A Giant Among Men - Niall Edworthy

Jonah Lomu, A Giant Among Men

Jonah Lomu, A Giant Among Men

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A concise biography of Jonah Lomu, the international icon who changed rugby

Jonah Lomu, A Giant Among Men profiles New Zealand’s greatest sportsman, and one of the finest players in the history of rugby. His combination of pace and power was unprecedented, enthralling fans from around the world.

Lomu burst onto the international scene in 1994, joining the All Blacks as their youngest-ever member. With a string of exceptional performances he came to dominate the Rugby World Cup the following year. His ebullient personality, frightening athleticism and passionate pride in wearing the shirt captured the public imagination, and made Lomu the game’s first truly global superstar.

His tragic death in November 2015, aged just 40, left the rugby community in shock. This biography pays tribute to a life cut short, but one marked by such achievement and impact that it will never be forgotten.
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Forlag: Canelo
Udgivet: 2015-12-18
ISBN: 9781910859254

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