Money for Nothing - C. M. Albright

Money for Nothing

Money for Nothing

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What do you do once you have it all? The four friends from Trenchart Colville are set to become Masters of the Universe – but for how long? Miles is easing into the rarefied world of fund management, while Fergal enjoys every form of debauchery Hong Kong has to offer. Meanwhile, Al is consorting with European aristocracy, and Imogen is coming to terms with her desire for a life outside banking. But the events of September 11 throws their comfortable lives into turmoil – and the friends must decide where their true loyalties lie. As the world economy plunges into crisis, the sharks are circling… Who will thrive in the meltdown that follows? The second instalment in the Shadow Banking trilogy, for fans of The Wolf of Wall Street and Billions, Money for Nothing is an insider’s tale of what it’s really like to have it all – and what you do when it all comes crashing down. C. M. Albright is a pseudonym for a senior figure working in the City. He has been a trader in the financial markets for twenty-five years, living and working all around the world. He has had a ringside seat during a period of unparalleled economic and political turmoil and is perfectly placed to give an insider’s perspective on this glamorous, dangerous and yet enduringly mysterious world. He divides his time between homes in London and the Cotswolds.
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Forlag: Canelo
Udgivet: 2016-09-19
ISBN: 9781911420569

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