Drawing Made Easy - Barrington Barber

Drawing Made Easy

Drawing Made Easy

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Barrington Barber presents a range of stimulating projects, from simple still life objects and full-blown landscape compositions to individual portraits. His teaching method ensures that necessary lessons in technique are learnt and employed effortlessly while completing drawings that any aspiring artist would be proud of.

• Lessons and exercises describe the basic skills, from giving the appearance of three-dimensionality to using tone

• Areas covered include the human figure, still life, the natural world and landscapes

• The step-by-step approach shows how to choose subjects, vary techniques and materials and build up compositions

• Encourages pupils to find their own style through experimentation

• Suitable for people with barely any experience of drawing as well as those who would like to refresh their skills
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Forlag: Arcturus
Udgivet: 2017-12-13
ISBN: 9781788882774

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